Advanced Sales Collaboration Platform for B2B Revenue Teams

Harness the collective power of your co-sell teams to transform the customer buying experience and unlock revenue growth.

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Revolutionizing how co-sell teams create the value and insights your customers need

In the fast-paced B2B world of evolving customer needs and market dynamics, revenue teams are challenged more than ever to turn engagements into winning opportunities. Organizations that want to grow revenue at scale need a new way of selling that puts customer value first and enables co-sell teams to create the high-quality buying interactions they expect.

Introducing Animis, a game-changing B2B sales platform that powers advanced performance through guided collaboration, customer-centric workflows, behavioral insights and real-time performance intelligence. A revolution in selling – unlocking the collective potential of your poeple to inspire customers and deliver continuous revenue growth.

Animis brings cross-functional teams together to cultivate opportunities, create value and win high-quality sales. With actionable behavioral insights and real-time performance intelligence, your teams can build the capabilities they need to take control and win. Welcome to a world of advanced customer-value-centric sales performance.

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Guided Collaboration

Brings teams together to co-create plans, build rich company and stakeholder profiles and share opportunity insights. Empowers collective analysis and decision making along the customer journey. Learn more

Unified Workflows

Coordinates team engagement and activities with auto-assigned task management, customer-value-centric workflows and message personalization at every stage of the customer journey.​​ Learn more

Behavioral Insights

Provides actionable insights to enable revenue teams to build advanced sales capabilities. Analyze what the best performing teams do differently to win. Replicate and scale across teams to enhance revenue performance. ​​ Learn more

Performance Intelligence

Measure co-sell performance using leading indicators across the revenue lifecycle. Enable teams to course-correctearly to secure downstream revenue goals. Give leaders the intelligence needed to build high-performance partner ecosystems. ​​ Learn more

“Animis is a truly innovative sales solution. It’s transformed how we work together as a team. We’re delivering more value to our customers than ever before and our teams know how to engage to win deals!”

Chris Jeng, CEO


Revolutionizing How B2B Teams Sell

Remove seller complexities, improve buyer experiences and grow win rates with a new approach to B2B selling.

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