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Animis is the first sales collaboration platform that propels autonomous team performance and capability-building so you can adapt, respond and win.

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In today’s fast-paced buyer-centric world, sales teams are challenged more than ever to respond to evolving customer dynamics and to turn engagements into winning opportunities.

To deliver sustainable revenue growth, organizations must embrace a new deeply-connected sales model that’s customer-first, agile and ingenius. A sales model where teams work together to cultivate customer insights, shape unique buyer journeys and build win-win relationships. Where teams strengthen their collective power with autonomy, creativity and learning.

Introducing Animis, a unique sales collaboration platform that empowers your teams to take control.

Elevate performance through the power of human ingenuity with Animis

Team Collaboration

Orchestrate your sales and marketing teams’ collective ingenuity to make sense of complex customer scenarios and changing opportunities. Empower deep collaboration for creative and innovative thinking. Stay one step ahead of the customer to deliver value where it matters.

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Custom Sales Journeys

Create tailored workflows that flex and respond to changing customer needs and buying scenarios. Cultivate deep customer-centricity to foster winning partnerships. Forge team engagement around customer stakeholders to drive consensus to buy.

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Capability Building

Drive forward-looking action with deep insights into team orchestration and selling effectiveness. Nurture the power of autonomy and self-development. Use shared learnings for continuous improvement to make everyone a winner.

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It’s time to go deeper. Turn the power of your teams into accelerated revenue growth.

“Animis is a truly innovative sales solution. It’s transformed how we work together as a team. We’re delivering more value to our customers than ever before and our teams know how to engage to win deals!”

Chris Jeng, CEO

Designed for strategy and revenue growth owners, this Readiness Assessment tool will help you identify how prepared your organization is to perform in today’s complex customer-led buying landscape.
On completion of this short survey, you will be presented with feedback which will help you gauge how ready your sales organization is to deliver superior buyer experiences and high quality sales outcomes.
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