AI-Guided Sales Collaboration Platform for B2B Revenue Growth

Harness the collective potential of your revenue teams with advanced collaboration that rapidly turns insights into action and behaviours into success. 

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Are disconnected data sources, siloed activities and incomplete insights holding back your revenue potential?

Introducing Animis. A holistic performance platform that synchronizes revenue team engagement with data, insights and guidance to deliver compelling value at every stage in the customer journey. Using generative AI, Animis helps your teams identify, understand, and approach opportunities, shaping the journey to excite customers and optimize sales outcomes.

Revolutionize how B2B Revenue Teams Sell and Revenue Leaders Lead with AI-Guided Collaboration.

Animis is uniquely designed to incorporate generative AI as a member of your revenue team, one that augments the intrinsic and irreplaceable human capabilities of creativity, empathy and critical thinking that are crucial to B2B sales success.

Combining quantitative metrics with qualitative behavior measures, Animis provides leaders with a complete picture of performance, enabling them to make the right strategic decisions to affect lasting performance improvement and scale revenue growth – a game-changing platform that empowers teams to thrive in today’s constant customer change and complexity.

Bring your revenue teams together to create the compelling value your customers demand with AI-guided interactions and strategic insights for lasting impact and continuous revenue growth.

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Team Orchestration

Brings teams together to co-create plans, build rich company and stakeholder profiles and share opportunity insights. Empowers collective analysis and decision making along the customer journey. Learn more

Unified Workflows

Coordinates team engagement and activities with auto-assigned task management, customer-value-centric workflows and message personalization at every stage of the customer journey.​​ Learn more

Behavioral Insights

Provides actionable insights to enable revenue teams to build advanced sales capabilities. Analyze what the best performing teams do differently to win. Replicate and scale across teams to enhance revenue performance. ​​ Learn more

Performance Intelligence

Measure co-sell performance using leading indicators across the revenue lifecycle. Enable teams to course-correctearly to secure downstream revenue goals. Give leaders the intelligence needed to build high-performance partner ecosystems. ​​ Learn more

“Animis is a truly innovative sales solution. It’s transformed how we work together as a team. We’re delivering more value to our customers than ever before and our teams know how to engage to win deals!”

Chris Jeng, CEO


Revolutionizing How B2B Teams Sell

Remove seller complexities, improve buyer experiences and grow win rates with a new approach to B2B selling.

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