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Animis is the first all-in-one sales platform designed and built by sales experts to empower teams to achieve their true performance potential. Where strategy, creativity and innovation comes together to inspire customers and deliver high value results.

Love how you work. Grow together. Win together.

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The Animis Way

At Animis, we believe in the limitless potential of your people to inspire customers and create distinctive moments of delight. After all, at the heart of every sale are human relationships and a strong desire to win together.

By empowering the collective potential of your teams, we believe you can achieve a new era of growth and success. One where human ingenuity shines and every team is a winner. Where purpose and meaning connect to enable your people to thrive.

Our belief stems from years of combined hands-on experience and strategic sales insight – as team members, as leaders, as customers and as specialist advisors across industries.

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Our Mission

At the heart of what we offer is the promise to bring people, sales excellence and continuous development together to achieve sustainable high performance and lasting revenue growth.

Our Values

  • Create Successful Teams by enabling sales leaders to become transformational heroes and sales teams to become superstars.
  • Build Sales Cultures of Continuous Learning by empowering teams to build and share insights that can help identify skill gaps, support self-learning and scale performance.

  • Enrich the Customer Experience by helping companies to take customer-first actions and measure every outcome around their customers’ end goals.

  • Co-Create Innovation by constantly seeking, exploring & advancing new ways to better outcomes for our customers with our customers.

A better way to sell.

Animis was built with one goal. To make sales people truly successful together. At a time of rapid change and technological advancement, we believe that together humans can achieve almost anything. With an innate desire to connect, learn and grow together, the magic formula to prevail is within every one of us.

Animis is designed to harness and amplify this magic! To bring together the collective capabilities of sales people to inspire customers and elevate their ambition through deep customer-collaboration, deep learning and deep customer-centricity. A better way to sell in a world where human relationships and authenticity are the keys to unlocking future value.”

Danny O’Neill, Founder & CEO, Animis

The Animis Team

Danny O'Neill
Danny O'NeillFounder & CEO
Animis was founded by Danny in 2018 after experiencing first hand the challenges today’s B2B sales teams face when it comes to winning in complex and ever-changing customer led world.

Danny has over 23 years’ experience as a sales, learning and transformation leader. He is passionate about helping companies to unlock the collective potential of their people through team empowerment, learning and continuous performance development.

Clare Dillon
Clare DillonDirector
Clare has over 25 years’ experience of leadership development, business strategy, and technology evangelism. She helps organizations explore new ways of working and is a regular event speaker on digital transformation, open collaboration and innovation trends.

Clare is a qualified coach and has served as a director on the boards of the National Digital Research Centre and the Irish Internet Association. Clare is currently a member of the industry expert group for the Technology Ireland Innovation Forum.

Aideen Glass
Aideen GlassMarketing Lead
With over 25 years’ experience in B2B marketing, Aideen’s passion lies in making meaningful connections between businesses to deliver mutual wins and long-term value. Aideen has led account-based marketing teams, product development teams and client projects across the ICT, software, education and professional services sectors.

A strong advocate of collaborative and continuous innovation, Aideen works closely with sales, product, service teams and their customers to explore and execute creative strategies that drive market growth.

Daniel Sebenius
Daniel SebeniusLearning Advisor
Daniel brings over 20 years’ experience in sales, people development and training to the team. He supports organizations to operationalize business strategies into practical and methodical development activities to enhance performance.

Daniel has been involved with a wide range of businesses to transform their sales teams, from global corporations to start-up SaaS businesses. He is an NLP practitioner and gently challenges people and organization to take self-responsibility to enable transformation.

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