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Create a sales innovation environment that unlocks high performance and delivers on your strategic goals. Activate team creativity, continuous learning and collaboration that powers up your sales engine to deliver exceptional results now and into the future.

Animis is the first and only sales collaboration platform that gets you there. A platform that facilitates a deep and connected approach to:

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Team Collaboration

Take the complexities out of understanding and navigating complex buyer behaviours. Harness the collective power of your salespeople to make sense of changing customer scenarios and stakeholders’ consensus to buy. Enable them to take control of tomorrow’s opportunities.

Provide a co-creation environment for your team. Facilitate transparent team member engagement, task ownership and delivery across the customer journey. Make it easy to connect, share and make sense of deep customer insights that shape decisions.

Create agile team pods that flex and adapt to changing customer needs. Invite expertise and support when needed so that the right team is assembled to engage with customers at the right time.

Take a coordinated approach to team planning and engagement along each unique buyer journey. Design team roles, assign responsibilities and allocate tasks to fit the desired outcomes. Create guided selling practices at each and every stage to augment team performance for repeatable success.

Establish unified focus at every step of the way. Combine top-down targets for revenue lifecycle goals with bottom-up team forecasting based on buyer consensus levels. See phased performance metrics against targets across the customer journey.

Custom Sales Journeys

Take the guesswork out of your buyers’ journeys and stay one step ahead. Plan and shape your team engagement to every customer opportunity, creating an authentic journey for that unique relationship. Steer the relationship in the direction where you both want to go.

Build & capture detailed understandings of buyer mental models and decision-making criteria. Work together to reframe buyer views and build advocacy for your products and services.

Design custom sales workflows aligned to unique customer needs, decision making units and buying processes. Coordinate team members to deliver high-value tailored customer interactions that build consensus to buy. Open up opportunities for team creativity and innovation as the journey evolves.

Co-create strategic account plans with a customer-centric approach to delivering valuable partnerships. Harness the collective expertise of the team to develop high quality strategic revenue-development plans with win-win results.

Design custom opportunity management workflows aligned to customer buying processes. Monitor stakeholder engagement, buyer advocacy and consensus to buy. Quickly identify risks for corrective action. Achieve high levels of forecasting accuracy with Animis triggered recommendations.

Capability Building

Turn capability-gaps into motivation and forward-looking action. Support self-learning and autonomy with the help of deep performance insights and guided learning across the customer journey. Use rich learnings on quality & quantity of team performance to drive sales excellence. Facilitate continuous growth in individual and team development at every level.

Get a single view of the customer and team journeys over time at any time. Quickly see team effectiveness at building strategic customer relationships and consensus to buy. Easily identify gaps to enable teams to take control of their performance.

See team performance against quantitative targets across the revenue lifecycle, from prospect-conversion to forecasting accuracy. Identify bottlenecks & stumbling blocks. Share learnings across teams to scale high performance.

See team effectiveness at building high-value strategic customer relationships that lead to new opportunities. Identify patterns and behaviours that succeed. Track ability to influence buyer thinking and build consensus to buy. Understand what teams are doing differently to win.

Quickly see correlations between revenue performance and execution of best practices. Convert deep insights into actionable development plans along each stage of the customer journey. Easily identify critical capability gaps to take control of individual and team development. Avail of integrated Expert Help and built-in Learning Plans to augment your teams’ performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Animis?2021-06-11T08:19:20+00:00

Are your current sales processes and methods failing to deliver the sales results and revenue growth you wish for? Are your teams frustrated with complex customer buying processes and low win rates? Are your leaders struggling to scale sales best-practices and deliver consistent performance? Animis is the first sales collaboration and capability-building technology that goes beyond linear sales processes and fragmented work-silos. Animis brings together the collective skills and capabilities of cross-functional teams to create high impact customer engagement and opportunity development strategies to win high quality deals.

How does Animis improve sales performance?2021-05-12T09:20:05+00:00

Animis allows you to create customised sales workflows aligned to your unique customer buying processes. It guides teams with recommended selling best-practices at each stage of the customer journey, helping teams to maximise every opportunity and drive stakeholder consensus to buy. Animis also analyses team selling effectiveness to identify key skill gaps and enable teams to take control of their performance and develop the skills needed to perform at the highest level.

What is deep collaboration?2021-06-11T08:21:08+00:00

Deep collaboration is the outcome when individual members of a team come together to work on achieving a defined goal. Each person brings a set of unique experiences, skills and capabilities, that when combined can deliver exceptional results. Teams go beyond simple comms and file sharing and instead work together on strategy, planning, problem solving and customer engagement to deliver the best outcome. This is referred to as “Deep Work”. Deep collaboration is about the collective performance- learning together, winning together.

What is deep learning?2021-06-11T08:29:34+00:00

Deep learning provides individuals and teams with the skills and competencies needed to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving and complex world. These skills include critical-thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration and learning to learn. Animis enables teams to achieve deep learning by providing teams with continuous feedback about their collective skills and capabilities. Animis highlights key skill gaps and provides integrated learning-in-the-flow to enable individuals and teams take-control of their own personal and collective development.

What is deep customer-centricity?2021-06-11T08:30:44+00:00

Deep customer-centricity is when teams work together to put the best interests of the customer at the centre of sales strategy and engagement. Teams work with customers to make the right decisions for long term business success. They challenge the status-quo, provide expertise and insights to spark innovation and continued success. Team works together to deliver high levels of value across the customer journey. The customer perceives the team as a trusted strategic advisor.

Who benefits from Animis?2021-06-11T08:35:54+00:00

Customers: Animis brings teams together to focus on customer goals and objectives. The customers needs and best interests are truly at the centre of team strategy, creativity and engagement. Teams work together to provide personalised experiences and tailored insighted that deliver real value across the customer journey. They help customers build advocacy and consensus across large stakeholder decision making groups.

Teams: Animis transforms the experience of work. It aligns teams to a common purpose, promotes autonomy and drives the development of individual and teams skills and capabilities. It empowers teams to take control of their own performance. It helps individuals and teams find a pathway to mastery through continued learning, collaboration and teamwork. Animis provides an open and transparent place to co-create. It gives visibility to team member engagement and enables leaders to recognise individual contributions and celebrate shared success.

Company: Build an agile culture of customer-centric team selling. Harness the collective powers of your team to create strategic customer relationships that deliver high quality revenue and sustainable growth over the long term. Understand what the best teams do differently to scale high-performance across your organization. Decode what skills and competencies your organisation needs to thrive.

What are the benefits of Animis?2021-05-12T09:22:21+00:00
  • Brings cross-functional teams together to create high impact customer engagement & opportunity development strategies.
  • Guides teams with high performance sales practices to build customer relationships and maximise every opportunity.
  • Provides teams with performance insights and skill analysis to enable them to take control of their own performance and development.
  • Decode the skills and capabilities your organisation needs to grow and thrive
  • Scale selling best-practices across your organisation to accelerate revenue growth
  • Increase deal quality and win rates
  • Shorten deal-cycle and increase revenue predictability
How does Animis work?2021-05-12T09:20:26+00:00

Animis is a software-as-a-service (SaaS platform). It has 3 core interdependent functionalities that provides a whole system approach to high performance team selling:

  • Team collaboration: Design custom team roles, responsibilities and tasks to align and coordinate team members to maximise every customer opportunity.
  • Custom sales workflows: Create custom team workflows aligned to your customers unique buying journey. Guide teams at every stage of the customer journey to generate demand and build consensus to buy.
  • Capability insights: Provides teams with performance and skill analysis to empower teams to take control of their own performance and build the capabilities needed to perform at the highest levels.
Why is Animis different to traditional Sales CRM and Sales Enablement Platforms?2021-06-11T08:36:53+00:00

Traditional sales CRM and sales enablement platforms focus on driving enhanced sales productivity through better customer record-keeping, data sharing and process automation i.e. they operate at the data or system-of-record level. Animis is a new category of solution that harnesses the collective power of people to unlock high performance, through Deep collaboration and capability building.

Can I use Animis with my existing Marketing and Sales technology stack?2021-05-12T09:20:26+00:00

Yes. Animis will integrate into the most commonly used Marketing and Sales platforms, consolidating customer signals and touch-points into a single-pane view so teams can be more effective when engaging with customers and developing opportunities.

What other platforms will Animis integrate with?2021-06-11T08:37:32+00:00
  • Hubspot
  • SalesForce
  • Jira
  • Zendesk
  • Teams
What is the onboarding process?2021-05-19T15:29:59+00:00

Animis offers a comprehensive onboarding programme that can be customised to your particular needs. The programme includes Leadership Onboarding: Strategy & execution for Collective transformation 2-3 days; Team Orchestration & Custom workflow design: Defining team roles, responsibilities & success criteria, 2-3 days; Deep collaboration & performance building workshops, 2-3 days. Total onboarding programme is between 6 & 10 days depending on individual customer requirements.

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