If you are a B2B sales leader today, we feel your pain.

More than half of sales reps regularly miss quota80% of sales revenues come from just 20% of top performers. Only 8% of customers agree with suppliers, when they say their companies deliver a good customer experience.

We know you know which sales behaviours would improve the situation: improved collaboration across all the individuals involved, better insight into customer problems and pain points, generating consensus among varied decision makers. We would all love to be building teams of customer-challenging, insight-generating, solution-selling closers.

The problem is you have little visibility into whether your sales teams are exhibiting these behaviours or not. Although CRMs track sales activities, they fall short in allowing sales leaders get an overview of what’s happening in key accounts. A large amount of activity doesn’t necessarily equate to progressing a sale.

As a result, most account reviews still consist mostly of lengthy discussions to find out what’s going on from the customer perspective and who’s doing what in your sales teams. You have to dig even deeper to figure out how sales teams are operating, and the kinds of behaviours and messages that are resonating with customers.

So, although the most innovative sales leaders already have programs in place to try and improve sales behaviours, they generally don’t know if they are having impact or not.

At Animis, we set out to change that.

Animis Sales is a platform that enables best practice sales behaviours across your organisation.


Drives optimal sales team behaviour

  • Provides clarity on ownership and accountability across the team.
  • Increase the amount and quality of collaboration across all the individuals involved in the sale.
  • Guides the team along best practice sales process and provide behavioural insights.

Insights into customer response

  • Track customer reactions to tailored messages and value propositions.
  • See at a glance the progress to consensus among key decision makers.
  • Identify competitor trends and the best way of handling objections.

Provides transparency for sales leaders

  • Overview of account progress
  • Visibility into who on the team is having most impact in which accounts
  • More insight into likelihood of particular deals closing.

All the above screenshots come from Animis, our collaboration platform for complex sales. Reach out to me or info@animislabs.com to find out how Animis can help your sales team transform their behaviors and practices!

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