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Animis is the first advanced sales collaboration platform that provides teams with agility, guidance and insights needed to take control of the customer buying process and win. One that helps teams to continuously adapy and evolve to stay one step ahead of customer needs.

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Guided Collaboration

Drives real collaboration across business teams to meet and exceed customer expectations at every stage of the sales journey. Facilitates alignment of goals and coordination of activities to maximize buyer impact. Builds a culture of trust, transparency and winning together.​

Unified Workflows

Takes the guesswork out of your sales execution with integrated buyer-focused workflows that shape team engagement from initial interaction to closing that first deal and beyond. Ensures every team member knows what’s expected of them and how to deliver success.​

Behavioral Insights

Empowers teams to take control of their own performance with powerful insights that drive continuous improvement. See what the best performing teams do differently to win, identify gaps and enable teams to develop advanced sales capabilities.​

Performance Intelligence

Measures impact at every stage of the customer journey with performance metrics that are critical to improving co-selling effectiveness. Analyzes data to provide insights into customer preferences, sales cycle efficiencies, and capability gaps. Allow teams to refine strategies, optimize processes, and continuously enhance co-selling performance.

CRM Integration

Integrates with Salesforce, HubSpot and other leading sales productivity platforms to consolidate customer data touchpoints into a single pane view of the customer journey – adding context to enable better team decision-making.​

Message Hub

Tracks the impact of sales messages that inspire and build consensus to buy. Lets you manage proven sales messages in a shared library for easy access and quick personalization to always ensure teams are using the most effective messages at each stage of the sales journey.​

Team Communications

Teams interact, create and make decisions together with integrated team communications at every stage of the sales journey. Recognise team member contributions and see how teams collaborate to make sense of changing buyer dynamics and adapt to advance the sale.​

Easy On-Boarding in 4 Simple Steps

1. Team Set-Up

Using Animis templates, create your team roles & responsibilities to align objectives and milestones at each stage of the buyer journey so there is a shared understanding of success.

2. Sales Workflows

Access ready-to-tailor templates to create your strategic and opportunity management workflow phases, design tasks and assign team roles. Create custom workflows for different customer segments, as required.

3. Message Hub

Save proven sales messages to your Animis Message Hub so that your teams always have access to best-performing messages and you can monitor those that win at sparking buyer engagement and building consensus.

4. Quota Setting

Lock-in quotas for prospect engagement, conversion, opportunity value and win rates so you can track real-time performance across the sales journey and customer lifecycle and identify what’s driving success.

Being customer-first doesn’t need to bring added complexity

Find out how Animis can leverage your best assets and work for you to elevate your team performance.

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