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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Animis?2022-10-12T07:50:35+00:00

Are your current sales methods failing to deliver the sales results and revenue growth you wish for? Are your teams frustrated with disjointed sales tools and fragmented processes? Are your leaders struggling to deliver consistent performance? Animis is the first all-in-one sales platform that enables organizations to scale high-performance sales practices across all teams. No more need for multiple sales tools – Animis is the first fully integrated sales performance system that bring together guided collaboration, unified workflows and performance intelligence to accelerate sales and continuously grow revenues.

What is guided collaboration?2022-10-12T08:10:56+00:00

Guided collaboration brings your teams together with a common purpose and mission to achieve a defined goal. Through Animis, each person can bring their unique experiences, skills and capabilities that when combined can deliver exceptional results. Teams go beyond simple communications and transactional messaging to truly collaborate on strategy, planning and value creation. They experiment and learn together as a team. Always moving forward, evolving and winning together.

What is performance intelligence?2022-10-12T08:12:53+00:00

Performance intelligence lets you go beyond traditional quantitative measures with qualitative insights into team behaviors to understand the real drivers of performance. Measure how effective teams are at collaboration, personalizing buyer experiences and building consensus to buy. Enable teams with real-time insights into performance gaps to so they can take control of their performance.

What are unified workflows?2022-10-12T08:06:26+00:00

Unified workflows ensure teams are clear on goals, objectives and success outcomes. Animis assigns workflows and responsibilities to team members to coordinate tasks at each stage of the buyer journey. Workflows are transparent, all team member contributions are visible, teams work through the phases and make decisions together.

Who benefits from Animis?2022-10-12T08:16:08+00:00

B2B Buyers: Animis brings teams together to focus on buyer needs. They can work to deliver meaningful value that elevates the buyer experience. Trusting relationships are created. The buyer sees the team as having their interests at heart.

B2B Sellers: Animis transforms the experience of selling. It provides a single sales view of the end-to-end customer journey. No more disconnected tools and processes. It aligns teams to a common purpose, promotes autonomy and helps teams to perform at the highest levels. Animis provides an open and transparent place to co-create. It gives visibility to team member engagement and enables leaders to recognise individual contributions and celebrate shared success.

B2B Organizations: Animis facilitates a human-centric sales culture where people can grow and thrive together. It allows you to unlock the collective capabilities of your team to realize the full economic potential of your people.

How does Animis improve sales performance?2022-10-12T08:15:23+00:00

Animis drives collaboration across a single end-to-end sales journey to align and coordinate team activities and decision-making to advance the sale. You can create customised sales workflows aligned to your unique customer buying journeys. Animis guides teams with recommended selling best-practices at each stage of that journey, helping teams to maximise buyer impact and build consensus to buy. Animis also analyses team selling effectiveness to identify key performance gaps. Teams can easily see what the best performing teams are doing differently and what areas they need to work on to improve performance.

Why is Animis different to other Sales CRM, Engagement and Enablement Platforms?2022-10-12T07:42:19+00:00

While other platforms specialize in customer records, process automation and content management, Animis is the first all-in-one sales performance platform that provides sellers with a fully integrated sales journey experience. It combines CRM, workflow management, communications and messaging with real-time performance intelligence, so that sales teams can continuously improve performance and accelerate revenue growth.

Can I use Animis with my existing Marketing and Sales technology platforms?2022-10-12T07:37:57+00:00

Yes. Animis will integrate into the most commonly used Marketing and Sales platforms, consolidating customer signals and touch-points into a single-pane view so teams can make better decisions together.

What other platforms will Animis integrate with?2022-10-12T07:29:53+00:00
  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce
  • Slack

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